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  1. Sales Strategies

You will learn the following sales strategies:
• Product Knowledge – Product conviction
• Lead Scoring
• Average Handling Time
• SPANCO Sales Funnel
• Follow-Up Ka Bhoot
• Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook
Learning these techniques will make your business not just a business,
but a sales rocket.

2. Digital Strategy

Until you realise how to implement digital strategy, you can’t move
forward successfully in your business.
Online research has shown that 81% of metro people do lots of online
research before buying anything for themselves. Therefore, unless you
learn how to implement digital strategy, you cannot propel your business
Now, let me ask you a question. Is your brand visible to them? If they are doing research, are they able to find your brand online easily?

The questions that you must ask are:

• How do you transfer your brick and mortar business to online
• How do you get ROI from digital tools?
Then, you can come to know, how to do:

3. Digital Sales

• How to track competition online?
• What are Social Media KPI’s?
• ORM – Online Reputation Management

•.E-mail marketing
• Lead Funneling in Sales

4. Closing Techniques

70% of the sales professionals who become sales champions are those
who understand “Closing techniques.
There are two videos for Sales Closing Techniques in this course, which
discuss the following subjects
. Conditional Negotiation
. Product Demo
• Rapport Building
• Trust Signals
Soft Close v/s Hard Close
Killing the objection
70/30 Approach
• Landmine Approach

5. Discounts & Schemes

• How to build loyalty with your customers?
• How to implement Try Before You Buy in online products as well?
• What are Flash Sales?
E-commerce companies in particular use the flash sales strategy. This
way, the sales wheel keeps turning and they keep clearing their inventory
speedily. These are the magic tips that you will learn in this course.
You will also learn about
• Special Group Discounts
• Bundled Discounts
• Social Media Discounts

6. Marketing

In this, you will learn about:

• Brand Advocacy Ratio
• Influencer Marketing
• PR/ Advertising
• Consumer Reach

7. Marketing

What is marketing communication? This happens when a customer tells
another customer about your product. You can spend on brand
marketing, but a brand moves forward only when one customer tells
another 100 or even as many as a few lakhs or even crores about your
brand. This video also talks about:
• Spice: Smart presentations for investors and employees
• Case Study-based selling
• Anticipatory Content

7. Technology

Research reveals that if you want your turnover to increase by 30% to
40%, then you must adopt technology in your company. If you are okay
with whatever retail business you run, that’s fine, but after viewing this
course, you may become more ambitious and aim to open many more
stores or shops. You will learn about:

. Stock Management
• Alert Management
• Profitable Push Sales
• Chatbots for Business

8. Customer Service

• Art and Science of Feedback Forms
• NPS Score
• First Call Resolution

9. Organisational Strategies

Sales are not dependent on the sales team alone. Sales are a culture in

the entire organisation, not just a function To make these organizational
Team up with Industry Associations
• Do Competition Analysis
• Set up Contact Centre
• Create Word-of-mouth Advocacy with your customers and teams
• Sales Contests to increase sales.

• Affiliate Programmes with your customers and partners
. Giving Bulletproof Guarantee to your Customers
Communicating Product Performance to your Customers.

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