How to become a medical representative

How I started my career as a medical representative.

I had appeared for my lllrd year exam in 2008. I was desperately searching for a job.
Two days later I saw an ad in the newspaper about a job vacancy in Lucknow which was140km from my hometown.
I thought to appear for the interview. Next day I took a bus to Lucknow and reached the interview address.I saw that many experienced professionals came for the interview who were working in good pharma company. I saw many freshers who just completed their MBA from good institute and came for the interview.
I was just a lllrd appeared candidate who did not have any knowledge about the corporate jobs and interview preparation.
But the good thing was that I was teaching tuitions during my graduation. Due to this my English speaking was improved to a greater extent. I was confident enough to face the interview because I have taught many students from ix-xll during these three years. In these three years I also applied in many schools for teaching job.Due to thiI was extremely confident.
I went in the interview hall, they asked questions about myself, some interview questions on chemistry.
I answered all the questions confidently.
And thank god when the result came out in the evening I was qualified for the final round which was to be held in pune.
The interviewer also told me to pal your luggage for next 16days .In case I get selected I have to stay there for training for 16days.
I was very happy because this was the first time I got selected for a good company.
I prepared well for the last round,did my train reservation for pune. Packed my luggage and reached there.
I appeared for HR selected.they told me to shift to delhi after joining.
This was the time I was very happy and inspiring to do more in life.
The company was an Indian MNC and they offered me good food,good say, good training for the next 16days.
They also offered me free return ticket to my house and advanced Ra.1500 as an imprest cash to comfortably shift in Delhi.
I came to hometown packed my luggage and shifted to Delhi.
So, this was my on boarding process in my first job.
In the coming blog I will tell you how I was given induction Training by my first boss and what was my experience.
Till then be happy and keep smiling always.

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