How to get job in a medical equipment company

How to get a job in a good medical equipment company
Medical equipment companies pay high as compared to pharmaceutical sales representative because they need experienced candidates.
Their are many medical equipment companies like
Smiths medical
Fresenius kabi medical
Terumo BCT
Meril life sciences
Abbott medical
Johnson and Johnson etc
They pay a good amount of salary to their employee with lots of remuneration.
But getting a job in a medical equipment company is bit difficult as they donot higher fresher.
They need experienced candidates who have worked in pharmaceutical company or has a good degree like ,MBA or B.pharma.
You need to be aware of the human anatomy and physiology and biochemistry, biomolecules depending on the company you are applying for or the products they manufacture
For example, Medtronic cardiology makes stents and pacemaker. so if you need to apply for open position in Medtronic you should be thoroughly prepared for anatomy and physiology of heart.
Cardiologist in your area or the area where you are applying for,list of hospitals,basic knowledge of a sales representative .
There will be several rounds of interviews which need to be cleared.
First call you get from a consultancy company.
They generally look candidates from the similar field.
Then there will be subsequenta round of interview from your area manager, national sales manager, sales director and then from HR.
If you get selected your life will be set.
The only requirement is to be prepared for overnight travels from one city to another.
Their are many companies which manufactures equipments related to every orgn of the need to have a detailed medical knowledge of that particular organ.
Basic knowledge of phaacokinetics and pharmacodynamics etc.
Job of a Pharmaceutical or medical equipment representative is almost same but the only difference is that medical representative generally visits a physician.
But a medical equipment sales manager needs to visit hospital to fulfill the requirement of the hospital or government tenders.
The supply goes through either tender purchase in government hospital or local purchase after the authorisation from the medical superintendent.

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