Hi friends,   I am Ashish Gupta .I am 27years old .I belong to Faizabad. I did my schooling from K.V Faizabad. I belong to a lower middle class family. My father owns a general store shop. My mother is a house wife. We are three brothers and one sister and I am the eldest. Currently I am working as a sales professional in a multinational company

Today I am going to tell you the story of my life .I have seen many ups and downs in my life. I was born in a family where we had enough for eating but didn’t had things for good education ,good society and good lifestyles

I am the only one who got opportunity to study in an English medium school Somehow I got admission in kendriya vidyalaya which was an English medium school. Earlier I was just an average student. I started thinking about my career from class ix. I; wanted to do something in my life. I didn’t want to indulge into my fathers shop. While my all brother and sisters have studied in a hindi.

; In class X and XII I worked hard. I secured 80% marks in class X and 76%marks in class XII.I was stronger in maths and secured 92% in X and in physics I secured 87% in XII class. After that I wanted to become an IIT engineer like what other engineering aspirants generally dream of. Although my father didn’t had enough earning from his shop yet he was ready to spend money on my study. I went to kanpur to prepare for IIT entrance exam

Although I worked hard there, but since my basic concepts was not clear ,I could not succeed in IIT. Even in coachings also I don’t understand most of the things .My father dreamt that I will succeed in any of the govt college and he will either take loan or arrange money from somewhere to pay my tuition fees. I got a very low rank in all the entrance exams. I asked my father to get my admission in private engineering colleges but he refused saying that he don’t have enough money. Even he was scolding me that I have wasted my hard earned money in coaching .I started feeling very tensed and depressed .I was not able to understand what should I do

One early morning there was no toothpaste in our home so I went to the shop and took one toothpaste from there .My fahter saw this and started scolding me. Actually he was annoyed with me because he thought that he has wasted his hard earned money on me.I was already very tensed and depressed of my career.The dispute went to so much extent that I decided to leave my home.I decided that I will leave somewhere else but not at this home.So I left the home and shifted to my grandparents house.On that day I decided that I will not take even a single penny from my father.Come what may, I have to stand on my own feet and one day I will prove them

I started searching for home tuitions so that I earn some pocket money.Within 3 months I got three tuitions worth Rs.200,400,300.I got very happy.Gradually I started feeling very confident.My grandparents were also living a lifestyle of hand to mouth.They were dependent on a small shop which merely had an earning of Rs.70-80 per day.One day they told me that they couldnot afford me and you can go to your parents.I was very disappointed because I also didn’t have any penny in my pocket.I purchased a voltage stabilizer to run my computer.Because in my mohalla voltage was very low because most of the people steal electricity.I was crying and disappointed because that day I hadn’t eaten anything since morning.My grandma went to my father and told him to call me.My father called me and told to shift again.I again shifted to my home.But my father was not paying me even a single ruppee for pocket money.I had to continue with the tuitions.Somehow I could get admission into my B.Sc from ks saket pg college Faizabad.I was not attending the college and teaching tuitions throughout the day.I also started searching job as a teacher in few private schools.

When my exam was near I purchased easynotes and learnt all the questions and gave the exam.I hardly attended 10 classes throughout my graduation.But at last I failed in maths in my, and appeared back.That day when I saw my result in newspaper I got very disappointed and depressed thinking that I spoiled my career.But I worked hard in maths and clear back paper even with a more better marks

But the bad thing was that While I was in Lucknow from last six months I purchased an old hero-puch worth Rs.3500/- To teach tuition so that I will save my time and energy.But this moped has deceived me and didn’t work.I spent Rs.2000/-more to make it run but failed.I didn’t have enough money now.My tuition also left due to this irregularity and finally I had to return home.I came home with a failure in my mind but a lot of onfidence.I didn’t asked any money from my father after class XII except that Rs.5000/-which my father himself gave me

; In my B.ScIII I had a lot of confidence.I was still teaching tuition and searching for jobs in the newspaper.I wanted to teach in coaching classes but nobody was giving me opportunity.Suddenly I decided that teaching doesnot have money and I started searching for other jobs too.After I appeared in my iii exams ,second day I saw a vacancy in the newspaper in a pharma company and I rushed to Lucknow again for interview.And thanks to god these three years which I struggled gave me a lot of confidence and my English was also improved.Now I got selected in this company and started working in Delhi .My salary was Rs.9000/- at that time.I worked there for around 1.5years and then shifted to chandigarh in one of the top pharma mnc.I worked there for two years.My dream was to purchase a home with my own earning in Lucknow and get settled.I shifted to lucknow in another pharma mnc and after 10 months of hardwork in Lucknow I purchased my dream home in a prestigious township.I saved a lot of money.I didn’t even asked for a single penny from anybody

Now if somebody will ask me that are u successful today?.I will say yes because I have made my dream come true.For a person who didn’t had even a single penny 7years back.Now after five years during my job I am the owner of my dream home.

Now six months back when I called my parents in grah-Pravesh. Me and he was very emotional. He was very happy.He told me that son you have proved yourself. This was my first destination.


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