Why changing job too often will spoil your career

Why we should not change job too often
We think that changing job too often will increase our salary package.But it can have a serious consequences on you career or even it can spoil your career.
After a certain years of age,your career will come to a will not get any job further.
But why changing job frequently Is dangerous.
When you change your job too frequently, it shows that you don’t want to perform in a company,your only motive to do a job is to earn money by hook or by crook.
You will be a liability on a company because when you join a company,it takes certain time to understand their work culture,products or services.
The company spends a lot on the training on their new joinees.
After six months or a year when there is time to perform, you switch job for a hike in your salary.
No company will trust you.
When a person stays in a company for a longer period of time and work hard to perform in their roles.
It will not increase their performance but it will also generate a level of trust between employee and the employer.
Employees in the organisation will start to know you better.
If you are a performer,your suggestion will be valued in the company.
You will get promotion.
It will increase your interest level.
Butnif you change job too often, everytime you meet new employees,new customers, different products and services.
You will not only waste your time by getting equipped in the company environment but also your performance level will suffer.
Company wants a employee who can perform in their role well.
And they are asett for the company.
When am employee works in a company for a longer period of time,there are very less chance of lay off when the recession comes or company wants to lay off or cost cutting .
Company always wants to keep the performers with them.
So, if you are starting a career ,then make sure that you should not change job too often.
Keep your eyes,ear and nose open to see that if you stay their, what are your growth chances.
This is my personal experience that those who stay in a company for a longer period of time ,they not only enjoy good appreciation on the professional front. But they also live a balanced life on the personal front.

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