Why digital marketing is important in today’s era

Though newspapers continue to bag advertisements for promotion and marketing of products, digital marketing has gained prominence in recent years.
With the advent of smartphones and artificial intelligence, the importance of digital marketing in convincing a buyer cannot be undermined.
Digital marketing is referred to as pushing and promoting the products among consumers in the virtual space.
Digital marketing uses artificial intelligence to know about a consumer’s preferences based on the online searches that they make for a product at online shopping portals and mobile applications.
In some cases, artificial intelligence can also track your chats and personal messages to know about what you may be looking to buy in the near future.
A lot of people must have realised that the moment they search for a product online, they get to see promoted posts regarding the same in their social media feed. The idea is to make a consumer see the products in the digital space every time they open a social media application that they end up purchasing.
Due to the enormity of the virtual world, there is apparently no limit to the possibilities of it growing on the consumer with each passing day.
With the 5G technology and optical fibre, the Internet consumers will only grow and in such a scenario, digital marketing is only going to expand.
In the present era, the consumers are more likely to buy a product after seeing it in the digital space than in newspapers, magazines or pamphlets and handbills.
To sum it up, digital marketing is here to stay and its importance is only going to increase, now that governments across the world are trying to make Internet access cheaper for people and arm them with smartphones and related gadgets.
Digital Marketing comprises of two words “Digital”
and Marketing. In today’s world nearby everything be it basic amenities ie food water etc or be it fashion or be it hobbies everthing is revolving digitally. Let me more examplify it for food water and other basics people these days are opting for online groccery stores or online orders. For fashion and garments shopping companies like flipkart and amazon are making big booms.Even for Finances people are opting Netbanking and online payments. So word digital is clear now we talk about Marketing its a process of branding and recalling a particular product brand to achieve its sales and brand visibility.
Combining both we come on the point that our customer are present on this common platform which we call as “Digital” and best platform where one can market its product called “Marketing”. Hope your basics got cleared??So converging basics i to technical aspects what if somebody asks -“How digital marketing will help in my business growth?” Then it will turn into these following answers
a)measurable b)affordable c)Social engagement and d) very fast.
Measurable means that digital marketing provides tools that help you to know your audience engagement , product or services sale, people involved etc
Affordable means its turning out to be cheaper than your offline mode of marketing where you require big lumps of money to start a marketing campaign.
C) Social engagements where your customers remains engaged d)Very Fast where your information shared reaches your target audience in just seconds.

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